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Paul Pine - Class Of 1966

Deceased Classmate: 1966 "Paul", "Pine"
Date Of Birth:
Date Deceased: 11-28-1997
Age at Death: 49
Cause of Death:
Classmate City: Elmira
Classmate State: NY
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By:

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01/24/16 12:01 PM #1    

Larry McEver (1966)

       Paul Pine died on Friday, November 28, 1997, after having a heart attack.  He was only 49 years old.  He was survived by his mother Inga Koski Pine of Trumansburg, two sisters: Diane Pine Dengler of Spencerport, NY and Nellene Pine of Colorado Springs, CO, and his very special friend Joanne Thompson of Elmira.  Paul was working as Code Enforcement Office for the City of Elmira and had 20 years of service with the city.  Paul graduate from Trumansburg High School in 1966 and then graduated from Elmira Business Institute. 

      Paul Pine was a friend of mine all through high school.  He always had a smile on his face, laughed a lot and was one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He could tell good jokes and good stories.  He also had the ability to open his throat and just pour beer down it.  That really impressed the guys that couldn’t  do it.

      The night before our class trip to NYC, several of us were out having a few drinks and someone suggested that Paul and I should have a drinking contest.   When I was drinking beer, I always drank some water during the night and ate food.  Therefore, I could drink more than most and not get sick.  Well, being dump guys with no dates, we picked two cases of beer and went to Millspaugh’s cabin on Cayuga Lake.  There was Jim Millspaugh, Doug Millspaugh, Denny Millspaugh, Tom Reed, Paul Pine, myself, and couple more guys (but I don’t remember who they were).  Tom and Denny set up two rows of beer can on the boat dock and Paul and I started the drinking contest.  Paul drank several beers real fast and then he waited for me to catch up.  The guys were telling a lot of jokes and laughing as I was trying to catch up with Paul’s count.  Paul drank a few more, then got really sick and quit drinking.  I stayed the course and drank just one more beer than Paul had done.  I was declared the winner.  Then we did another stupid thing, several of us jumped into the lake.  There was still a thin layer of ice on the water, it was as cold as hell,  it’s a wonder we didn’t get hypothermia and drown.

      After a couple of hours sleep, we all got in the car and went for breakfast at the State Street Diner in Ithaca.  Back to Trumansburg to catch the bus to NYC and hopefully some more sleep on the bus ride.  However, there was a lot of laughter, noise and I think some singing on that bus ride, so we didn’t get much sleep.  All of us had a great time in NYC.  Went to a Yankee Game and saw the Rockettes.  Skip Garrett and I only saw about half of the Rockettes show.  We decided to leave early and check out New York City.  Coach Tarbell was not happy with us when we rejoined the class, but he didn’t force us to stay in the hotel room that night.  That night 10 or 15 of us walked around NYC.  We spend some time in Gene Krupa club watching him play the drums.  Back in the 60’s there were only two great drummers, Buddy Rick and Gene Krupa.  This is before Keith Moon, John Bonham and others that you may know.   We went into a few other clubs and the city really rocks at night.  It was a great class trip, but I wish we had gotten a better night’s sleep before the bus ride.

      Paul and I got together a few times in the summer of 1966.  I think a couple of trips to O’Malley’s on Cayuga Lake.  That was always a great place in the summer – load music and lots of girls.  We were there, the night Skip Neal drove his car into the lake.  Skip had a few too many beers and missed the turn.  It was hard for me to get together with anyone in the summer, I was working two jobs and I usually worked Saturday night at Morse Chain (time and half for Saturday night).   

      I only saw Paul a couple of times after 1966, but I still miss him.  Tom Reed, Gary Russell, Charlie Tallman and I have talked about Paul a few times over the last 50 years.  Rest in Peace my good friend  Paul Pine.


01/26/16 01:53 PM #2    

Rev. James E. Carroll (1964)

Paul and I were on the wrestling team in 68. As heavy weights I usually won the wrestle offs, except for one time when Newkirk represented us as I had a spraind ankle. I was glad I didn't have to face the kid from Groton, as Newkirk only lasted 5 seconds. The guy had a 5 year start on us. Anyway I remember Paul could hold my wrist in a grip I couldn't get out off. He was really strong. I think he also was the one who coach Tarbell accused me of not blocking hard enough and I think I hurt him. When we were playing Lansing I haad hurt my back so Paul was playing right tackle. I told coach that I thought I could block but not tackle so Paul and I became the first special teams. He was a very nice guy. Jim Carroll (64)

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